Members' Art

Below are a selection of paintings produced by members of the Community, and where available, links to their websites.

Submit Your Paintings

We are hoping to have several pages with work by different artists. If you are a Community Member and would like to contribute any work, please contact the administrator using the link below. He will reply to you from his personalemail account, and will invite you to send a digital photograph of your work in JPEG format (.jpg) with any comments you want to make. It is not possible to submit attachments through the link below.

Apologies to the Artists

Please note that we may need to slightly change the colour balance, highlighting, etc., to make your images look good on the website. Despite the best attempts at photography and subtle modifications with graphics packages such as Photoshop, paintings rendered in electronic format and displayed on the web never look as good as the originals. Fine detail and subtle variations of colour are lost when resolutions are reduced and files compressed to enable quick download.

Also, note that all the pictures are © of their creators!

Viewing the Art Work

Where an artist does not have their own website, this page displays larger images when thethumbnails are clicked. Click the first picture to expand it and view the gallery. When the larger image appears move your mouse over it to reveal the controls.

It may take a little time for all the images to load so please be patient!

Our Artists

Becky Farrell

Amongst our artists, Becky has had to overcome some major challenges in order to paint, not least, the fact that she is actually registered blind, although you would never guess this from the quality of her work!

You can view Becky's Facebook Page here. It is well worth a visit, and apart from displaying the paintings, Becky explains the dramatic and positive impact art has had on her spiritual life. She has also written a book “Praying the Waymarks in Colour: A Way of Life in Meditation and Illustration” which is available as a paperback from Amazon here.

Kate Britton

Cards and Posters

Kate has her own website: which includes a larger selection of her artwork, plus some very inspiring bible studies. With her husband, Alan, she runs a house of prayer in Cambridgeshire

Stella Brookes

Seascapes, calligraphy and scripture

The Artists Declaration
Today I will start living as an artist.
I will see wonder all around me.
I will be comfortable in my own skin, knowing I am one who is called to live in the borders, on the edges of seen and unseen.
 I will be quietly confident in calling others to see beyond,
And joy…no, exult in the truth that I am following my Fathers footsteps.
This is my identity. I will embrace it. I will meet myself in acceptance.
I will use my gifts in crafting my own soul into a beautiful  house of the Holy Spirit,
And pray that my art, my words, my attitudes will convey something of the beauty and wonder in the earth.

With thanks to Christine Valters Paintner and the inspiration from her book "The Artists Rule"

Charlotte Lobb

Paintings and Icons

Maureen Simpson

Paintings, Icons and Tapestries

Paul Swinhoe

Coastal and Moorland Scenes

Chinese Watercolours

Artist: Paul Swinhoe

Liz Crichton

In her website Liz states: “Being creative involves imagining something other and better than the reality around us. Everyone who has ever hoped for something has the potential to be creative. Unleashing that potential, making art provides opportunities for hope to be discovered, renewed and put into action.”

Samples of Liz Crichton's Art Work

Visit where you can find out much more about these images and many others.

Alexandra Kingswell

Alex creates one-off textile artwork for sale, commission or exhibition. She explores the creative potential of number, proportion, sequence and colour. She has her own website at where you can find out lot more.

Samples of Alex Kingswell's Art Work