Guidelines for Joining the Community

The Communities of the early Celtic Church had two important anchors that kept people's feet firmly on the ground. The first was the rule of the Community, often composed by the founding saint and the second was the work of the Anamchara or Soul Friendwho helped each individual to discern God's voice aand develop an on-going personal response of growth in discipleship.

Following the example of the early Celtic Churches our Community also has these two anchors.

  1. The Way of Life of our Community, which expresses our approach to the spiritual life and our values.
  2. The Soul Friend, who will help members to listen and respond to God's voice and compose a personal ‘Way of Life’ which reflects the Community Way in their own situation. As each person’s life changes, our personal way of life will also change and evolve, as God calls us on to new things. Our Soul Friend, working with the Holy Spirit, will help us to discern the changes that are called for.

Becoming a Friend

If after reading through the Way of life and information about the Community, you don't feel quite ready to follow the Community's Way of Life but do want to support and keep in touch with the Community, then you can become a Friend. You can download an application form here. As a Friend, you will receive the quarterly magazine and mailings about our resources and retreats, and you will be welcome to attend the Community's annual gathering and regional group meetings.

Becoming an Explorer

Before becoming an Explorer with the Community of Aidan and Hilda member of CA&H we suggest that you spend some time prayerfully contemplating the following questions. Once you have spent time over these questions please email your responses to the Explorer Guides, Richard Adams and Elizabeth Roles.

  1. What is it about Celtic Christianity particularly that inspires you?
  2. Why do you feel called to belong to a New Monastic Community and to live by a Way of Life?
  3. Why do you feel that The Community of Aidan & Hilda in particular is the right Community for you?
  4. Where did you hear about or come across The Community of Aidan & Hilda?

We also suggest that if you know someone who is already a Voyager with the Community that you talk with them about becoming a member. If you do not know any Community members then please tell us when you email the Explorer Guide with your responses to these questions.

Still Thinking?

If you have had a look through the site and like what you have seen, but are still not sure whether the Community would be right for you, or you right for the Community, then further prayer is needed. If you would like to make contact with a member first visit out contacts page . The Guardians, Community Co-ordinator, Trustees or the Administrator would be happy to hear from you.

Pray with us

As our members come from many different denominations, and none, each will have their own tradition of prayer and worship. When we meet together, on those occasions where we use a liturgy, we have forms of prayer that should be acceptable for all Christians. They are often related to the saints of the early Celtic church, but not exclusively!

You will find the best variety of prayer examples on the home page here. You can also download samples of worship material similar to that in The Celtic Prayer Book in Four Volumes, by Ray Simpson here

You might also visit the Liturgies from Lindisfarne page. This was written by Ray Simpson in more recent times, and includes examples of the weekday services we use on Lindisfarne throughout the year.


The following forms are available for download: