Founding Guardian - Ray Simpson

Ray Simpson

Ray is the Community's Founding Guardian and had overall responsibility as sole Guardian of the Community from the 1990s right throught until early 2011. He has travelled widely in the British Isles and in many other parts of the world helping to set up branches of the community as far away as Australia, North America and Africa.

Ray now concentrates on writing, speaking, leading retreats, and offering personal spiritual guidance. He is not involved in the day to day running of the Community and all enquiries about the life and work of the Community should be directed to the Community office.

Ray now lives at Lindisfarne Links, Berwick Upon Tweed, but visits Holy Island weekly plus groups and individuals who invite him to meet with them on the island. If you would like to meet him you can contact him directly using the link below.

Ray produces a five year daily email alternate weeks on the CAH Way of Life. To enrol visit the Waymarks of Life Website. He is working on an app on a Way of Life. If you can donate to the email course or help crowd-fund click here.

Ray has his own personal website and blog


You can download the following examples of Ray's material:

Ray's books and CDs include:

  • The Cowshed Revolution - a new society created by downwardly mobile Christians
  • Celtic Spirituality. Rhythm, Roots and Relationships
  • Exploring Celtic Spirituality. Historic Roots for Our Future
  • Waymarks for the Journey
  • Celtic Daily Light. A Spiritual Journey through the Year
  • Celtic Prayers for life Today. A Spiritual Journey through the Year
  • A Guide for Soul-Friends
  • Celtic Journey - An Invitation to Walk Life's Pilgrim Way (CD)
  • Walking in the Way. A Discipleship Course Based on the Way of Life of the Community of Aidan and Hilda
  • Soul Friendship - Celtic Insights into Spiritual Mentoring
  • A Holy Island Prayer Book
  • Give Yourself a Retreat on Holy Island
  • A Pilgrim Way - You can download daily readings for use with this book here
  • Should I do a Somersault in Church? - A Celtic challenge to Evangelicals and Charismatics
  • The Seekers Guide to the Christian Church
  • The Transforming Church - An All age programme for vibrant renewal
  • Church of the Isles - A Prophetic Strategy for Renewal
  • Before We Say Goodbye. Preparing for a Good Death
  • Prayer Rhythms for Busy People
  • The Celtic Prayer Book in four Volumes
  • Volume One: Prayer Rhythms - fourfold patterns for each day.
  • Volume Two: Saints of the Isles - a year of feasts
  • Volume Three: Healing the Land - natural seasons, sacraments and special services
  • Volume Four: Great Celtic Christians - alternative worship from the Community of Aidan and Hilda
  • Prayer of Calm
  • Prayer for the World
  • Prayer for the Journey
  • Prayer with the Risen Ones

You can get further details on all these books through Ray's website

Ray's YouTube Videos

Ray has created a series of videos which are hosted on YouTube. You can access them from the links below: