Main Contacts

Community Guardians

The Guardians safeguard the spirit and ethos of the world-wide community and its dispersed members, and are its spiritual leaders. The current Guardians are Scott Brennan, Penny Warren who lives in Devon, and Simon Reed who lives in London.

Each guardian also has a specific role

Scott Brennan Penny Warren Simon Reed


Scott Brennan

Poatal Address:

White House,
Fenkle St,
Holy Island
TD15 2SR

Phone: 01289 389 431

Members’ Guardian

Email Penny Warren

Postal Address:

The Rectory
EX21 5RU 

Phone: 01409-281424

Chair of Caim Council

Simon Reed

Postal Address:

The Ascension Vicarage
Beaufort Road
W5 3EB

Phone: 020-8566-9920

For general enquiries it is best to contact the Community office in the first instance, but all three Guardians are happy to be contacted whenever necessary or with specific enquiries.

Community Office

Richard Brassington - Community Administrator

Richard is responsible for most of the administrative work relating to the Community, handling membership applications, events, publicity, etc.

Postal address: 25 St Leonard’s Ave, Osgodby, SELBY YO8 5HE

Phone: 01757 670099

Mobile: 07963 617071

Photo of Ray Simpson

Founding Guardian

Ray Simpson

For many years Ray was the Community's sole guardian, handling its development, exercising oversight and writing prolifically on a range of topics, often related to the Celtic Churches, but also exploring models of how Christian spirituality may better express itself in the future.

He is now officially retired from that role, but he is still writing books and traveling the world speaking on these topics!

Postal address: 7 Wallace Green, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland TD15 1EB


Contact: Pete Sharpe

Explorer Guide

Contact: Richard Adams

Richard took over as Explorer Guide in 2019. He has been a member of the Community for many years and has a long career of pastoral ministry behind him. He is the person that all prospective Explorers need to contact before making their application online.

Photo of Sr Thenue

Deputy Members' Guardian

Sr Thenue

Postal address: 'Lady Isabella', Shop Lock Cottage, Stockton Road, Southam, Warwickshire CV47 8LD

Chair of Trustees

Geoff Holt

Geoff is in charge of the operational, legal and financial aspects of the Community. He is supported by a team of trustees who meet four times a year.

Postal address: Geoff & Joy Holt, The Cairn, 137 Newton Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham B11 4PU, UK

Phone: 0121 773 6063