The Community of Aidan and Hilda maintains relationships to other communities and organisations with similar aims. On this page we have selected some websites that are of special importance to us.

Note, however, that the views expressed in linked websites are the views of the organisations that own them, and not necessarily the views of the Community of Aidan and Hilda.

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Linked Organisations

Shetland Retreat

Community of Aidan and Hilda Guardian, Graham Booth, and his wife, Ruth, run a retreat centre on Fetlar, where you can also find accommodation, spiritual direction, prayer and healing ministry.

The Aidan Trust

The Aidan Trust is our US sister Community. It has several resources, including a newsletter (The Wild Goose) and details of events in the USA.

The Community of Aidan and Hilda in East Anglia

This is the homepage of our East Anglia regional group.


Religious Communities and Organisations

The Centre for Christian Celtic Spirituality

The Centre for Christian Celtic Spirituality is based in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Armagh is an ancient place with a wonderful history, and is known as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland, where the Roman Catholic and Anglican Archbishops reside.

The Centre for Celtic Spirituality is an inter-church project and has an inter-church management committee. It has two part-time staff – Rev’d Grace Clunie, a Church of Ireland Priest (Anglican/Episcopal) and Rev’d Kiran Young Wimberly, a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

It’s aims are:

  • To share the ancient heritage of Celtic Spirituality and Armagh with the rest of the world.
  • To inspire others, of all faiths and none, on their spiritual journey through the power of Celtic Spirituality.
  • To bring together Christian churches in a spirit of peace. respect and understanding.

Northern Cross

An annual Easter ecumenical Christian walking pilgrimage to Holy Island - Lindisfarne, Northumberland UK. Step aside from daily life and join us as we walk through the beautiful English / Scottish borders. This week long walk for worship, prayer and fellowship has traditionally appealed to all ages, including families, students, and those both old and young, and we are currently recruiting pilgrims for Easter.


Northumbria Community

The Community is geographically close and we maintain good links with them. They produced 'Celtic Daily Prayer', a collection of liturgies for use throughout the year.

Iona Community

The Iona Community, founded in 1938 by the Rev George MacLeod, is an ecumenical Christian community of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Christian church that is committed to seeking new ways of living.

Keltisk Fromhet

A Norwegian Celtic Christian website with links to the Community of Aidan and Hilda, created by Las Verket and Harald Olsen.  Most of the site is Norwegian, but some of the links from it are to 'English' sites.


Image of logo Journeying is an ecumenical Christian organisation based in Pembrokeshire and run by volunteers. Since 1987, through it's Journey Programme, the organisation has shared the challenge and joy of taking small groups to the more remote parts of Britain and Ireland in an ambience of Celtic spirituality.

Celtic Circle

A celtic trail on Anglesey, looking at the history of several ancient churches. The website decribes each of the churches in the trail.


Monos is a charitable organisation that through education and community, seeks to foster a Monastic Spirit within the Christian Church and Society.

'A Rocha'

A Rocha is a Christian environmental and nature conservation movement. Our name is Portuguese for 'the rock' - our first initiative was a field study centre in Portugal. Our projects are frequently cross-cultural in character and share a community emphasis, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation and environmental education.

The World Community for Christian Meditation

WCCM is helping to introduce the ancient practices of contemplative prayer to the lay community. There are branches in most countries throughout the world. In the UK there are over 200 local christian meditation groups, you can visit the UK site here.


Celtic Arts and Music

Lindisfarne Scriptorium

Taking spiritual and visual inspiration from the work of the monks who created wonderful books like the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Book of Kells, we use modern materials and techniques of calligraphy, illumination and illustration. Our inspiration is also drawn from the rich Celtic Heritage spirituality of Northumbria, our Christian faith and the beautiful environment on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

A website about the music group 'Anam Caras' who have just completed their first album commissioned by Ray Simpson based on his Celtic Prayer Book Vol 1

Iona (the band)

This is the site for Iona the band (not the island or its community).


Christian Resources

Catholic Social Teaching

An excellent website explaing the Catholic church's postion on a range of social issues, many of which are also core themes in the Community of Aidan and Hilda. Christians of all denominations will find their views expressed in this site. The position of the Anglican church is well reflected with content from a range of Anglican leaders including Rowan Williams, Desmond Tutu, John Sentamu, etc. The new website has sections dealing with:

  • Human Dignity
  • Community and Participation
  • Care for Creation
  • Life and Work
  • Peace
  • Solidarity


The Island Website

The Community of Aidan and Hilda has its base on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, so we are part of that community as well. The island has its own resident population who depend on a range of activities, particularly fishing, farming and tourism. If you are visiting the island for a Community of Aidan and Hilda event, we strongly recommend that if possible, you visit the other attractions on this island and support the local community.

You can visit the main island website here


Your Northumberland Guide

This is a new website providing a free independent guide to Northumberland. The site is increasing in popularity each week as new material is added and it's social networks (Facebook and Twitter) are already high profile. We have area guides, a weekly 'Events and What's On' bulletin, where to eat and drink, attractions and things to do.

Visit the website to find out more.



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