Celtic Christianity Summer School Talks

In the summer of 2019 the Community organised a week-long conference on Celtic Christianity. Leading experts were invited to give talks on many aspects of the subject and the audio records of these are available for download below. Many of the talks are over an hour in length and the files are very large, so they will take a few minutes to download, even with a good internet connection, so please be patient.

As a great deal of work and cost was required we are asking for a donation of £3 for each large file (over 100MB) and £2 for smaller files that you download. You can make this through our donations page.

Audio File Downloads

On Windows systems right click the link you want and select Save link as. Apple users will know their own method! If you are using a tablet computer check how much storage capacity you have before downloading. If you are using a smartphone ensure you have enough storage and are connected to WiFi.